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Stamas Bro Yianni

Stamas Bro Yianni asked if I would be interested in a guest post. So I wanted to do something for Yianni about music and artistic entrepreneurship. The topic was his suggestion. 

Now that’s a pretty tough assignment actually. Huge arena. So first, let’s exercise our ability to achieve Inner Peace in Three Easy Steps in 30 Minutes or Less. Here are the steps:

  1. Perspective
  2. Responsibility
  3. Detachment

All done? Good. Now that you have achieved inner peace, let’s move forward.


I’m not really all that into the concept of entrepreneurship. You know, I mean, like so what’s the big deal about self madeness? See how close to madness that is?

But I get it. We have to have language that can describe the idea. And we do.

Maybe we should dig into the word entrepreneur some time. The roots of the word are logical. French for undertake. English for enterprise. So a person who likes undertaking an enterprise! I can dig it!!

And the definition I guess is too. A person in business who takes more risks than others. Well, being in business is a risk. Right? But so is being an employee. I’m thinking the concept has to do with driving the car versus being in the car. An entrepreneur drives. An employee rides. Are you driving the car of life? ‘Nuff said.

Home Recording Sucks

It’s hard. I mean, really hard. Unless you suck. Sucking is easy. Recording great music isn’t. Programming great music isn’t. And also programming crappy music is easy.

So what’s my point? That you better be good. Why? That’s a really good question. And the answer is why not? Don’t you want to be good at home recording? Of course you do.

Just make sure that your music is really, really, ridiculously good. If you can’t pull that off, practice more. Take two hours a day to practice.

Music Mastery

Now this evades most of us. Music mastery? Something I can only dream about.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be really really ridiculously good. Good enough for soundtracks.

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